★☆★ information Bar space ☆★☆

18:00-22:00 YUNTAKU at GEKKOUSOU
22:00-02:00 BAR TSUKINOWA

★☆★ Yuntaku at Gekkousou☆★☆

“Yuntaku” means “chatting” in the Okinawan dialect. The charm of a guest house is that you can meet new people from all kinds of different places.
Every night from 18:00 to 22:00 at Gekkousou, travelers can enjoy having dinner and drinking together.
Our staff prepares a special menu everyday and we can offer you a variety of drinks to enjoy. Guests of Gekkousou are also of course free to bring their own food and drinks.
For non-guests, please order drinks at Gekkousou.
But by all means, both guests and non-guests are welcome to participate in Gekkousou Yuntaku!
In addition to the guests, locals from around the town also often come over for Yuntaku, so you will be able to receive recommendations and exchange interesting stories.
Please feel welcome join us for Yuntaku at Gekkousou to make great memories of your trip!


The BAR Tsukinowa is located across from Gekkoso Naha.
Business hours: 22:00-02:00 (irregular holidays)
Regular holidays and events are announced on SNS.